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About Us

The Deschênes Park Alliance (DPA) is a non-profit organization founded to protect natural areas bordering the Ottawa River in Aylmer sector of the City of Gatineau.

Our History

DPA emerged from a major citizen mobilisation in 2020 aimed at protecting the Dechênes Forest.  The announcement that these green spaces were to be sold for residential development led hundreds of citizens to demonstrate.  Gatineau’s city council responded favorably to citizens by voting to cancel the sale.


DPA was created to enable citizens to continue to act for protection and sustainable management of the natural areas between Fraser Road and the Deschênes Rapids, including Conroy Island.  This unique, easily accessible site is much appreciated by residents and visitors.  A remarkable diversity of habitats and species can be found within this relatively small area, particularly notable in a semi-urban setting.


We invite you to join us in discovering, protecting and caring for our future “Deschênes Park”.

Our Mission

DPA’s mission is conservation and sustainable use of the future park’s natural habitats and biodiversity, while ensuring a recreational and educational role.

Protect animals, plants and their habitats

Value the ecosystem services provided by the site

Put in place a permanent conservation status

Our Partners

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